An unvaccinated 4 year old child was found to be infected with polio (infantile paralysis) in Jerusalem according to a press release March 6, 2022 by the Israel Ministry of Health. This has raised panic among parents, many of whom are now rushing to vaccinate their children. The Jerusalem Post reported that 1,130 children were vaccinated on Tuesday.

No Cure for Polio which can be Prevented by a Vaccine

It is truly mind boggling why any parent would not vaccinate their children for polio. There is no cure for polio, a disease that causes paralysis that can lead to permanent disability or death. Polio can only be prevented with a vaccine. The original vaccine developed by Dr. Jonas Salk and the Sabin oral vaccine have been proven safe and effective over the years.

Polio can Cause Paralysis within a Few Hours

A child who appears healthy can become paralyzed within a few hours after becoming infected. It is most common in young children. It is spread by fecal to mouth contact and was found in Jerusalem sewage some years ago, but this did not lead to an outbreak. Read more about how it was to live through a polio epidemic in our post from October 3, 2020, which also gives a lot of tips on steps to prevent viral diseases like COVID.


Do not hesitate to vaccinate your children for polio. This is the only way to prevent permanent disability or death.