Snow Covered Trees
Trees Blanketed in Snow. Photo by Sandra Yosepha Levin © 2022

While voices calling for at least a temporary shutdown in Israel’s schools to prevent children from being exposed to the fast spreading omicron coronavirus have been ignored, today Jerusalem’s children will not be going to school because of a snow day.

Highways Leading to Jerusalem were Closed

Due to heavy overnight snow fall, main highways leading to Jerusalem were closed. In fact, Jerusalem is really under a snowdown thanks be to our great saving G-D.

Feed the Street Cats and the Birds

Jerusalem street kitten

Please feed the street cats and the birds. The street cats and kittens will die from hypothermia unless they get food to eat. Also, feed the birds. If you don’t have some left over bread, then you can make pop corn for them!

Jerusalem Street Kitten Shivering from the Cold – Photo by Sandra Yosepha Levin © 2022